project "phoEnix"

Today, ash from pulp & paper plants is lost to sea and rivers. The ash contain several chemicals and metals which pollute the environment.

Our plant for turning ash into fertiliser with a capacity of 50 000 tpa will have the following positive environmental impact. (Estimations and may vary from case to case)

Carbon impact

Off set fossil fuels:
Natural gas: 3,7 Million Nm3/year (40 GWh/year) or 4000 m3 oil
CO2 emissions: 8000 ton per year

emmission of salts

Reduced emissions of nutrients: Phosphor: 3 ton per year
Potassium: 1200 ton per year

metal emmissions

Reduced metal emissions:
Cadmium: 60 kg/year
Zink: 4 ton/year
Nickel: 70 kg/year

are you ready to go circular ?