converting waste ash from pulp and paper industry into a high value Circular fertilizer


Recycling of ash from black liquor boilers – Production of high value mineral fertilizer
(potassium sulfate) and salt (NaCl) - Connection to "electrofuels" and new products for the pulp and paper industry

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Today, ash (containing valuable chemicals) from pulp & paper plants is lost to sea and the environment.


Using our patented process we turn this ash into sulphate of potash (SOP) - a high value mineral fertilizer with a local and global market.

Todays production of SOP (K2SO4)

Sixty percent (4,2 million ton per year) of todays market of the fertilizer SOP is produced through the “Mannheim process”.
This is an old process where sulfuric aid is mixed with KCl in a reaction at 600-700 C using fossile fuels.

Besides potassium sulfate also hydrochloric acid (HCl) is produced which limits the use of the Mannheim process.

Replacing the Mannheim process with the "CINIS process" for production of SOP will reduce global CO2 emmission by: 0,7 Million ton CO2 per year


Ton chemicals per year in Sweden alone is wasted to sea for no reason

7 million 

Ton per year fertilizer market and growing with six percent per year 

1 Million

Tonnes CO2 per year is emmitted from todays production of SOP