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Cinis Fertilizer as an investment

Invest in the future of agriculture

Cinis Fertilizer will produce the world's most environmentally friendly mineral fertilizer, potassium sulfate (SOP), through innovative upcycling of waste from electric car battery manufacturing and pulp mills. 

5 reasons to invest in Cinis Fertilizer

  1. Large, global, and non-cyclical SOP market with significant demand for sustainable solutions, underpinned by several global mega trends such as increased world population generating an increased demand for food, less arable land per capita, climate change as well as changed and improved eating habits and diets due to decreased poverty.

  2. Cinis Fertilizer’s SOP production process is circular, sustainable, and cost-efficient with a strong patent protection. The process is based on established technology, uses half the energy of the dominating process, and has a lower production cost. All while solving waste issues for several industries.

  3. Long-term agreements with key actors in the value chain securing both future sales and purchasing of intake materials over a long period of time. The agreements that Cinis Fertilizer has entered into secure the company’s future growth and revenue streams and reduce business-related risk.

  4. Strategically selected production plant sites with significant expansion potential and profitable growth plan. 

  5. Experienced executive management supported by an experienced board of directors.