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About fertilizers

Fertilizers, plant nutrition, are key to feed a growing global population.

Fertilizers are food for plants and bring huge benefits to agriculture and society. Without them, we would never have been able to feed the 7 billion people on our planet today. However, until now, production has heavily relied on fossil fuels.

Three main nutrients are needed for plant growth

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) based fertilizers make up the major part of the fertilizer market. Cinis Fertilizer is focused on the potassium part of the fertilizer market, more specifically Sulfhate of Potash (SOP)

Potassium-based fertilizers

MOP (Muriate of Potash or Potassium Chloride or KCl) is the most used potash compound within the potassium market. MOP fertilizers are less unsustainable compared to SOP (Sulfate Of Potash, potassium sulfate or K2SO4) due to low crop yield, high salinity index, high chlorides and decreased shelf life for grown products (fruits and vegetables).

SOP fertilizers (Sulfate of Potash or Potassium Sulfate or K2SO4) are a more sustainable alternative with 20% higher crop yields, improved taste, appearance, shelf life and facilitating sustainable and organic agriculture. SOP currently accounts for approximately 10% of the potassium based fertilizer market. 

The dominant method for SOP production is inefficient and unsustainable, harmful to the environment and costly due to fossil fuel-based production and higher energy consumption. 

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