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Cinis Fertilizer is granted building permit for its production facility in Skellefteå

Cinis Fertilizer has been granted a building permit for its planned production facility in the Bergsbyn district in Skellefteå. The production plant will produce 200,000 tonnes of fossil-free and circular potassium sulfate.

Cinis Fertilizer plans to start production of potassium sulfate, a fossil-free and circular mineral fertilizer, starting in 2024. The company has received a notice of start of construction for its first production facility in Örnsköldsvik and now building permit for its second, to be built on the property Bergsbyn 5:79 in the Skellefteå municipality.

- We are pleased that both construction processes are going smoothly and according to plan. The fact that we now have building permits for the first two of our planned facilities gives us confidence in being able to keep the schedule with production at the beginning of 2024, says Jakob Liedberg, CEO and founder of Cinis Fertilizer.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Antonsson Acting, IR and Communications Manager Cinis Fertilizer
+ 46 709 99 94 70

Jakob Liedberg, CEO Cinis Fertilizer
+46 768 58 12 86

About Cinis Fertilizer
Cinis Fertilizer is a Swedish green tech company aiming to produce the world’s most environ­mentally friendly mineral fertilizer, potassium sulphate (SOP), by recycling industrial waste products from the pulp & paper industry as well as the car battery manufacturing industry. The patent protected technology will use half as much energy as today’s production methods and the result is a fossil-free fertilizer with a close to zero carbon footprint, a unique and circular contribution enabling sustainable agriculture. FNCA Sweden AB is Certified Adviser. For further information please visit:


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