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Cinis Fertilizer’s production facility in Örnsköldsvik powered by fossil-free electricity

From the first quarter of 2024, Cinis Fertilizer will produce environmentally friendly potassium sulphate in its newly built facility in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. An important part of the company’s work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases is to use fossil-free electricity in production. With today’s connection to the electricity grid, another milestone has been passed and fossil-free electricity is in the pipeline to the plant in Köpmanholmen outside Örnsköldsvik.

Since the power connection agreement between E.ON and Cinis Fertilizer was signed in May last year, intensive work has taken place to complete the plant’s electricity connection. Among other things, a distribution station is being rebuilt in different stages, while five kilometres of electric cable from this station to Cinis Fertilizer have been laid in the ground.

“This is another milestone for the construction of our facility in Örnsköldsvik and an important part of our timetable to start production of fossil-free and circular potassium sulphate in early 2024. We are in a fantastically fun phase of our journey. Lots of activities and I can happily state that we are following the schedule and in some respects we are even ahead of our plan. The roof of the process facility is in place and work on the installation of the last parts of the process equipment is ongoing in parallel with the construction of the salt storage. I am proud of all employees and partners who contribute in the very best way,” says Jakob Liedberg, founder and CEO of Cinis Fertilizer.

“This is yet another example of E.ON enabling the green industrial revolution in Norrland. It has been intensive work and we are very happy to now be able to connect this facility, which contributes to an innovative solution and new job opportunities in the municipality,” says Lena Berglund, Regional manager North, E.ON.

“There is a great demand for potassium sulphate, the type of mineral fertilizer that we will produce. The world market price has been affected by Russia’s war in Ukraine, but we now see that volatility is decreasing and that prices have returned to the levels that will give us good profitability from 2024 onwards. The market pays a premium for our water-soluble potassium sulphate, which is produced circularly and sustainably by we take care of residual streams from, among other parties, battery material manufacturers such as Northvolt, BASF and Ascend Elements,” says Jakob Liedberg.

“Through our circular and sustainable production process powered by fossil-free electricity, we will produce a sustainable product with minimal negative impact on the environment. The circular process not only drives Swedish industry towards becoming more circular, it also creates a more sustainable agriculture and an opportunity to break fossil dependencies in agriculture,” says Jakob Liedberg, founder and CEO of Cinis Fertilizer.


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