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Cinis Fertilizer has secured deliveries of inputs for production according to plan

Cinis Fertilizer has secured supplies of inputs for the start of production according to plan and for full production during the rest of the year. The delays at the collaboration partner Northvolt will neither affect the company's planned start of production nor the production volumes for 2024, as the company has agreements with complementary suppliers of the input sodium sulfate.

"In order to ensure planned production volumes throughout the year 2024, we have activated our agreements with existing and new suppliers both in Sweden and internationally. These suppliers of sodium sulfate complement the volumes we receive from Northvolt. Starting in February, we will receive deliveries of inputs to our facility in Örnsköldsvik," says Jakob Liedberg, founder and CEO of Cinis Fertilizer.

"We have very good relations with Northvolt and several other suppliers of residual streams from various sectors, including the pulp industry, and I look forward to finally starting our production of environmentally friendly potassium sulfate," says Jakob Liedberg.

The plan to commission the production facility in Örnsköldsvik at the end of the first quarter of 2024, with production starting a few weeks later, remains intact.

For more information, please contact:
Charlotte Becker, IR and Communications Officer, Cinis Fertilizer
+46 730 37 07 07

Jakob Liedberg, CEO, Cinis Fertilizer
+46 768 58 12 86 33

About Cinis Fertilizer
Cinis Fertilizer is a Swedish green-tech company aiming to produce the world’s most environ­mentally friendly mineral fertilizer, potassium sulphate (SOP), by recycling industrial waste products from battery manufacturing and recycling, as well as the pulp industry and other industries. The patent protected technology will use half as much energy as today’s production methods and the result is a fertilizer with a close to zero carbon footprint, a unique and circular contribution enabling sustainable agriculture.
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